Jul 28, 2017
  • We are currently using the VoteRoulette plugin to handle giving out rewards. This gives us endless possibilities for rewards. In order to vote you will need to visit one or all 5 sites listed below. Each site has there own length/limit of how namy times you can vote. Most are 1 day (24hrs). Below is a list of the current rewards and sites you can vote at. You are required to register on them in-order to vote. As well your in-game name is case-sensitive so make sure to enter it right.

    Each item has a certain chance of obtaining. Spawn Eggs are more common then diamonds, emeralds and the most rare rewards are The Destroyer and 100 Sapphires

    Voting Sites:
    Reward Items: All Rewards will give 2 XP levels as well.

    • Cow Spawn Egg
    • Chicken Spawn Egg
    • Horse Spawn Egg
    • Mooshroom Spawn Egg
    • Ocelot Spawn Egg
    • Pig Spawn Egg
    • Sheep Spawn Egg
    • Village Spawn Egg
    • Diamonds
    • Emeralds
    • Iron Sword
    • 100 Sapphires
    • 2000 Sapphires
    • Damaged Goods
    • Take your medicine!
    • Sparky
    • Fishies!
    • No Redbull, No Wings!
    • Got Wood?
    • Mudskipper
    • Knowledge
    • Sticky.
    • I got ya blue!
    • Storage!
    • Cookies& Milk
    • YOLO
    • Tag
    • Light it up!
    • Enchants!
    • Haaayyyyy
    • Treehugger
    • Botany
    • Burn Heal
    • Alchemy Supplies
    • Pocket Sand
    Super Rare Drops:
    • The Destroyer
    • Got Wood?
    • For Shovelry!
    The Voting reward issue with rewards not dropping has been solved. There will be more rewards!
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