Server Rules

Jul 2, 2017
Server Rules
    1. No griefing/stealing/killing:
      1. Griefing is the act of halting or reversing another players progress. Whether to be adding blocks, removing blocks placing lava, placing water, stealing, setting fire, destroying farms, etc.
      2. Stealing is the act of taking something of another, that does not belong to you. An example of theft would be to take items out of another players chest with no intention of refund/returning.
      3. Killing is the act of taking the life of another player without their consent. An example of non-consent killing would be trapping a player in lava.
    2. No Cheating/Exploiting:
      1. Using a stolen MineCraft account will result in a permanent ban.
      2. All client side modifications(mods) that give you an unfair advantage over another player are strictly prohibited. Such mods include: Flyhack, x-ray, aim bot, scripts or other automated hacks (Allows a player to farm/fish/move white you are not present at the keyboard)
      3. Any form of exploitation/glitches or bugs present in MineCraft, the plug-ins or our server hardware is strictly prohibited. Such events will result in a ban, and depending on the severity your IP may be blocked to prevent further interaction with Sapphire.
    3. No Advertising/Spamming/Trespassing:
      1. Advertising is the act of inviting players to a server that is not affiliated with Sapphire Dimensions. This applies to everything that is connected to Sapphire (teamspeak, IRC, website, private messages, etc).
      2. Spamming is the use of messaging services to send bulk messages indiscriminately. Spamming through a client modification will result in permanent ban. Limited spamming will result in a warning, kick or temporary ban. Repeated offences will result in permanent ban.
      3. Trespassing is forcibly entering an area with no natural entry point, or where it is stated by sign that you are not allowed. Opening another players chest in a player-made structure without permission is not allowed. Using ender pearls, feathers, compass, /tp up, /tp up -, etc to violate these rules are not allowed.
    4. Chat Etiquette/User Interactions:
      1. This rule applies to any form of social communication we offer in Sapphire Dimensions. This includes Private messages, the forums, IRC, in-game chat and TeamSpeak/Discord.
      2. External chat-programs where you would login as an entity on Sapphire Dimensions are prohibited. This includes but are not limited to programs such as MineChat.
      3. Sapphire is a mature based server. We advise our player base to bear in mind that some topic of conversations may be deemed inappropriate. Such events you may be asked to move to private messaging, local chat or even to just end the conversation.
      4. Treat others how you wish to be treated.
      5. Sapphire practices free speech, should you go and abuse it you will be punished accordingly.
      6. Excessive swearing or needlessly offending other users is not allowed. Excessive use of caps will be handled accordingly.
      7. Any form of discrimination/bulling will not be tolerated. Such events include, but not limited to, racism, sexist, sexual orientation, nationality and disability.
      8. All public chat will be English only. Private messages can be in any language.
      9. NO MINI-MODDING. We have our staff members, and we are happy to have them. Sadly, sometimes life and other responsibilities comes in the way of playing and being online to provide help for the community. If you should encounter another player in the need of help, you should help them submit a ticket (modreq) or provide them with the website link so they can have a look at the wiki.
      10. Any usage of Sapphire Dimensions name or logo will have to be pre-approved by an OWNER.
    5. Illegal Blocks/Building Codes (effort into your builds):
      1. TnT and invisibility potions are banned. So don't try to use them, we will know.
      2. Keep the environment clean. Items WILL NOT be spawned!
      3. All structures should show some effort to make them somewhat pleasing to the eye. Builds should not be made to negatively affect those around ("Lower the value").
      4. Constructing 1x1 towers/vertical shafts or random placing of blocks is not allowed. This also includes structures that may be offensive. (eg Phallic).
      5. Members are allowed to build or gather resources in the guest world. However there will be some requirements to the builds that members set up.

        Those are as follows:
        1. No grief-traps. Using rare blocks such as gold, diamond, sapphire etc are NOT allowed.
        2. Huge buildings that hoards all the space surrounding spawn will not be allowed. Members will not be limited by any block x block size, but be limited by the staffs recommendations.
        3. The admins will provide basic infrastructure around spawn including the building of roads using inexpensive materials.
        4. Members are also allowed setting up basic chest-shops in GUEST world and do commercial trades there.
        5. Keep in mind that the guest world is reset every Sunday and that no Protections will be made here.
      6. If a structure stands in the way for a server project, it may be necessary to move it and expropriate that area. This will be done in cooperation with the player to the largest extent possible, meaning that player can select the area in which the structures should be transferred to. In certain cases, where it’s not possible to get in contact with the player, the structure may be moved without consent.

    These rules can change at any given time. It is your duty as a member of Sapphire Dimensions, to be up to date on the rules as well as any guidelines you may need to follow. Violation of these rules will either result in a warning, kick, temporary ban or permanent ban. If at any-time you see someone violating these rules, you must report it immediately for further investigation.
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