Donor Information

Jul 15, 2017
Donor Information
  • Below you will find all the information you need about Donor Perks. When donating please be aware that we reserve the right to remove any privileges you may have if you abuse them. These extra perks DO NOT make you above everyone else.

    Store Link:

    • Freebuild:
      • Yellow colored name or "+" in-chat & above head
      • Access to 20 /home set
      • Access to 15% off Admin Shops
      • Access to use colors on signs
      • Access to /tp and /tphere
      • Access to /tpback (Go back to last location. Useful for deaths.)
      • Access to /magiccarpet
      • Access to /workbench
      • Access to more trails.

    • Freebuild
      • Gold colored name or "+" in-chat & above head
      • Access to 30 /home set
      • Acess to 25% off Admin Shops
      • Access to edit signs via shift right clicking them
      • Access to /magiclight (Light up your carpet)
      • Access to /magictools (Put an enderchest & workbench on your carpet)
      • Access to /openender (Open up your enderchest anywhere)
      • Access to /pweather (change the weather client side)
      • Access to /ptime (change day/night cycle client side)
      • Access to more trails.

    Donor Rules:
    1. If you are caught abusing any of these perks you may be stripped of your certain futures, banned from the server (temporarily or permanently) and possibly banned from donating in extreme cases.
    2. You have the access to bypass "TPA" but that does not give you the right to teleport to a player without asking first.
    3. Using your new "TP" powers to teleport other players into death traps or situations that will result in death is NOT ALLOWED.
    4. If you do donate and then perform a charge-back to get FREE PERKS you will be banned permanently and will have to appeal. You may loose the ability to donate as well.
    ***WE are in no way affiliated Mojang AB. If you have an issue with donations please contact an admin/owner. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS.***
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