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    I am currently testing and exploring Discord/minecraft synchronization. If successful, it will replace IRC as external text service for our server. This means that members can easily connect and chat with people ingame while they are on the move, using their smartphones with the discord app.

    How does this work?
    Simply put, two channels are connected for the public to use: #freebuild and #global. Messages sent from either ingame or discord are displayed on both platforms.

    How can i use it?
    1. Connect to our discord. You can do that by clicking here.
    2. Go on our minecraft server, and do the command /discord link ingame. This will give you a code you have to PM to our bot. link-code.jpg
    3. Find the serverbot (Sapphire-Bot), right click him and select message. Send him the code you got ingame AND NOTHING ELSE. This will link your minecraft account with discord. bot message.jpg
    4. You should now be able to see and write to the two text channels. Congratulations :) final.jpg

    Remember this is still in development. I reserve my right to scrap the project completely, but i do think this might work out well for us. Please report any issues or errors you might experience, it would really help me out perfecting the settings etc.