by WolfAtTheDoor63 at 2:15 PM
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As of recent, us admins have been discussing the future our this server and we have come to a similar outlook. None of us are ready to walk away because we all love minecraft and this community too much. We do however think that some things need to change for sure. A focus on our main (freebuild) server is needed to build back a constant player base, which means some servers like the Games server will be no more. The HUB server will act more as a backup for when we restart the guest world so these new players will connect directly to freebuild, allowing you lovely people to greet them and welcome them instead of joining an empty HUB and leaving. Some plugins are being looked at with a focus on keeping the survival aspect of our server alive.

There is info about the next minecraft update but no release date so I ask you all this:

With these changes would you be against a fresh start on Freebuild?

I know this is a scary idea...
by TheDinosaur_xox at 5:24 PM
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Unfortunately as most of you have already realized, there was a rollback on the server.

The exact rollback was back to 04/14/17

Some of you had noticed that the server was offline or kept going offline once someone joined. There was a bunch of errors that continued to kill the server.
Unfortunately this was the only way we could save the server from its imminent doom.

We apologize for any inconvenience this will have caused.

If you have any questions or concerns please PM us on the forums and we can try to help the best we can.
by Joibjorn at 1:29 PM
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The Arcane Shop as we all know and love is closed forever.... I know this is heartbreaking news for us all, but.....

The reason for it closing is because Manic_Miner666 has accepted the role as SeniorMod!!!

He will continue to be a valuable asset to our community, and through hard work and dedication he has showed us that he is ready for some new challenges as seniormod.
He is rewarded with the almighty banhammer 2.0, WorldEdit, Voxel and Creative mode, so from now on he will be smiting griefers with style!

Congratulations to Manic_Miner666 as our newest seniormod!!!
by Joibjorn at 3:43 PM
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Hey-ho everyone!
As someone might have already noticed, there have been a few minor changes to our server.
First off, the Admin Shop in Skyblock is undergoing some much needed maintenance, upgraded with more area, and soon will get more items to browse.

Furthermore Skyblock has gotten a new fun plugin, Chat-game. This requires 4 players online, and will toss out a random word, scrambled or not every 10 mins. A great way to earn a few extra Sapphires...

Easter is coming up, and with that a server event will take place. The challenge will be PARKOUR, and the stage is already open for your enjoyment. I will come back with an excact time when the actual event will take place, but use this time until then to practice your parkour-skills :)
(Event will be somewhere between April 13-16)
by Joibjorn at 9:25 AM
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hah, the title gave you a little scare didn't it?
Relax, the main world is not reset, but Guest, Nether and The End has all been reset.. As a bonus, the enderman grinder is still up in the End world.
Happy minecrafting

The Admin-team