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I offer all of you a challenge!

Our spawn looks a little empty at the moment. We had plans to continue to expand and make it grow..

But we just had a better idea..

Would you guys like to contribute a build to spawn?

We thought it may be much more interesting to hold contests every now and then. The winner of the contest will have their build added to spawn, and be rewarded for it!

We will specify the type of build, what size the build needs to be, and such of that nature. We won't just add any build. The builds that will be added to spawn must be won from the contests!

Starting today:

Our contest will begin by seeing who can build the most interesting statue for spawn!

We want the dimensions to be 10 x 20 x 10. In other words, 10...
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Good News!

We've upgraded to 1.12!

Prepare for the parrots and the terracotta!
On the site if you see that the "Freebuild" section is down, try to log on anyways. It seems to be bugged for right now.

Because of the nature of us updating, you may find some bugs. (We already know a few..) If you encounter a bug, please let us know!

**EDIT** Expect a lot of permission bugs!

On the topic of bugs..

  • I have identified the issue with the voting rewards! You will now see many new voting rewards if you haven't already! There is now a total of 38 different rewards!
  • ...
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The past week or 2 that we've been working on the server have had a few hiccups.

Most notably the "entities can't get pushed" bug. We believe we have it fixed for now. We narrowed it down to 4 different plugins being the cause.

Unfortunately, a new donor plugin we've been playing with is 1 of the 4 plugins. We haven't tried to figure out which of the 4 is actually causing the problem just yet. But it's one of the candidates. So sadly that may delay that donor perk for a little longer.

In other news..

  • The guest world was reset this past Sunday. Sunday (July 23) we'll look into resetting the guest world, the nether, and the end!
  • Some of you are probably wondering when we'll...
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Things completed:

- Reset Guest, Nether, and End!

-Bank Schedule

We have come up with a schedule for the bank we would like to try. This is entirely subject to change, and is going to have a trial period. If this plan goes well, we will probably keep the schedule.

The Bank will open on Sunday. And will be open multiple times throughout the day. The times may vary.

In the event that you need to make money on a day when the bank is closed, look for a player that sells/buys gold. We want to recommend to some players to make banks for this situation. And price your gold bars so that you make a little bit of profit in the mean time.

-Admin Shop

Some of you probably have noticed by now. I've been tweaking the Admin Shops. I'm adding some items of various price ranges...
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How have all of you been enjoying the reset?

Obviously we've run into a few bugs while setting it up, and if you do encounter more please let us know.

Next week we'll be resetting the guest world and the end!

Here are some things we've been working on:

-Some New Donor Perks possibly on the way.

-The Admin shop will soon have some new additions:

This will include custom player heads, and various tools, weapons, and armors. (Possibly more?)

-We are currently looking into a schedule for the bank.

We would also like to recommend to those who currently sell gold in chest shops, to adjust your prices, we think it would be wise to make it so you would make a small profit in the event the bank is closed and others wish to sell gold.