by xLRDx at 3:38 AM
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So as some of you may have noticed we had a bit of a crisis on our hands. Here is a quick rundown of what happened. The server decided to crash due to our database system having a bit of a fit. Well this fit decided to corrupt all the databases including the website. So unfortunately we lost the database for the website. During the fix we were able to recover 90% of the data which is good. We have and are taking new measures to prevent said issues in the future by bettering our backup system and storing weekly backups off-site. This minor crisis also wiped out the chest protection database so if you have any chests that need to be protected please do one of the following: Apply a private protection to them with /cprivate or if you have a protection consider doing the earlier suggestion and filing a modreq for chest-protection flag.

Some other things I would like to mention are if you are a current Donor at the time of this posting you got 1 extra day added to your perks. Now as...