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So I have been noticing some fairly explicit talking in chat. I would like to remind you all that Swearing is not okay when used excessively. This includes local chat as well mainly because you have no idea who is near you. If you feel the need to use such words please do so either in private messaging or in a different service outside of Sapphire Dimensions.

Next on the list is name calling, picking on other players etc. This is breaking the rules (Yes i know staff including myself have done it) but please remember that we do not want to encourage guests and make them think that it is okay to do.

Lastly on the list is what channels should be used for what. I know it may have seen like the perfect channel because it stands out but Events is not the right channel for trading items. This channel is for special events only and as a result you are joined but not able to speak in it. When we decide we need to use it then we will re-establish privileges for it. Below you will find a...
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So we are opening up all Spawn Shops right now. The price is 2000 Sapphires a month. All of the plots are exactly the same and come with 3 separate floors. You are not required to use all three floors but please try and use as much as possible. If you would like to get one of these plots please reply and make sure you have the money in your account. All plots are first come first serve. If you wish to cancel your application please delete your post. Below you will find a list of plots. You can ask for a specific one but do note that you will most likely just get what is available.

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That's right we have finally gotten to getting our server setup with voting. What does this mean you ask. Well you will see an influx in guests most likely from time to time now since we are theoretically advertising on sites now. So where can you go vote at and what can you get for voting. That is a good question, we are currently on 5 sites which will be listed below. All of them require you to register with them. As for what items you can get well that is all a gamble really. You can see the list of rewards by doing "/vtr rewards" but ill go ahead and list them below as well :)

Each item has a certain chance of obtaining. Spawn Eggs are more common then diamonds, emeralds and the most rare rewards are The Destroyer and 100 Sapphires

Voting Sites:
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So today is a bit of a sad day. We say goodbye to one of your staff members Sammilynn. She was a here from the start of Sapphire Dimensions, she help build some parts of spawn and contributed lots of ideas for certain aspects. We wish her the best of luck on her adventures.

We would also like to include a proper welcome again to Majikmon on joining the Builders team. He has shown many strengths in the past and present, and we are glad to have him on the team. You will see him building things from time to time or maybe just playing in other gamemodes.

Lastly we would very much like you to welcome DDancer to our Staff team. She has the right amount of experience that we are looking for and know that she will be a great asset to the team.

Please make sure to welcome the new and leave the best of lucks to our new lineup.

We wish you all the best of luck and look forward to working you....
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So as some of you may have noticed we had a bit of a crisis on our hands. Here is a quick rundown of what happened. The server decided to crash due to our database system having a bit of a fit. Well this fit decided to corrupt all the databases including the website. So unfortunately we lost the database for the website. During the fix we were able to recover 90% of the data which is good. We have and are taking new measures to prevent said issues in the future by bettering our backup system and storing weekly backups off-site. This minor crisis also wiped out the chest protection database so if you have any chests that need to be protected please do one of the following: Apply a private protection to them with /cprivate or if you have a protection consider doing the earlier suggestion and filing a modreq for chest-protection flag.

Some other things I would like to mention are if you are a current Donor at the time of this posting you got 1 extra day added to your perks. Now as...