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by xLRDx at 4:36 PM
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Hey all. We are in the process of redoing things as you know. Well currently that involved redoing the vast amount of plugins. In this case we created our own online time plugin that is now network based and server based. So now you can not only see your time on each server but as whole.

By default the commands only grab the current server. That being said I know the big question is going to be what happened to all the previous data. Don't worry its there. If you do /playtime all it will show as Legacy under server or if you do /playtime network it will show just the total.

Notes: It updates ever 3 mins roughly on the database just to cut down on bandwidth and have improved speeds.

- /playtime - Shows your current time on server
- /playtime all - Shows your current time on all servers + total
- /playtime network - Shows your current time on the entire network without...​
by Joibjorn at 1:57 PM
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Hello everyone.
Our ticket-plugin didn't do well with the recent update of version, so we have decided for the time being to completely disable it. This means we are without the ability to do /modreq for now.
xLRDx is currently making a new plugin from scratch, but since his work hours are crazy, this might be a while.
We ask for your patience, we will get it up and running ASAP.

In the mean time, if you need something (protection, guest-test, reporting) please reply on this thread.

1.12 meant re-write on loads of plugins, and we have all been working our asses off to get rid of bugs, errors and anything that ruins gaming experience.
To list some things we are currently working on:
  • Modreq plugin
  • Updating/revamping website
  • Serverstatus on website
  • Better weather control for server (reduce rain main priority)
  • Stargate economics
  • ++ minor bugs in-game

Please keep in mind that we are running this server on...
by SillyOldBadger at 4:48 PM
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We have some new toys for you guys!

These perks are currently in development, and are open for testing. Some of these maybe restricted for rank/perk later on. But for now we're working out the kinks and its open to all for use!

First and foremost, we made a new launch pad!

You can make the launch pad by placing a gold pressure plate on top of a redstone block. Simply walk onto it and it will throw you in the direction you're looking! We plan to make this a future donor perk. (Don't worry, I'm in talks with having a non-donor version too!) But for now everyone has access to it!

Next up we have our new horse toys!

We hope to sell these in the Admin Shop! It's a special piece of hay, that when placed, It will spawn in a horse for you...
by SillyOldBadger at 6:05 PM
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I offer all of you a challenge!

Our spawn looks a little empty at the moment. We had plans to continue to expand and make it grow..

But we just had a better idea..

Would you guys like to contribute a build to spawn?

We thought it may be much more interesting to hold contests every now and then. The winner of the contest will have their build added to spawn, and be rewarded for it!

We will specify the type of build, what size the build needs to be, and such of that nature. We won't just add any build. The builds that will be added to spawn must be won from the contests!

Starting today:

Our contest will begin by seeing who can build the most interesting statue for spawn!

We want the dimensions to be 10 x 20 x 10. In other words, 10...
by SillyOldBadger at 4:44 AM
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Good News!

We've upgraded to 1.12!

Prepare for the parrots and the terracotta!
On the site if you see that the "Freebuild" section is down, try to log on anyways. It seems to be bugged for right now.

Because of the nature of us updating, you may find some bugs. (We already know a few..) If you encounter a bug, please let us know!

**EDIT** Expect a lot of permission bugs!

On the topic of bugs..

  • I have identified the issue with the voting rewards! You will now see many new voting rewards if you haven't already! There is now a total of 38 different rewards!
  • ...