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This is a long post, so prepare yourselves!

One day, feeling bored, I decided having Guilds in Sapphire would be fun. So I have created the:

(A.K.A The Master Guild)

This place has need to know info on what Guilds are, how to join or make Guilds, and other USEFUL info.
This should be your first stop.

What is a Guild?
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With Black Friday only hours away from the creation of this post....

We would like to inform you wonderful people that there will be a 25% discount on Donor and Donor+ ranks!!

Starting on November 24th and running until the 29th

Use code: BlackFriday17
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I am currently testing and exploring Discord/minecraft synchronization. If successful, it will replace IRC as external text service for our server. This means that members can easily connect and chat with people ingame while they are on the move, using their smartphones with the discord app.

How does this work?
Simply put, two channels are connected for the public to use: #freebuild and #global. Messages sent from either ingame or discord are displayed on both platforms.

How can i use it?
  1. Connect to our discord. You can do that by clicking here.
  2. Go on our minecraft server, and do the command /discord link ingame. This will give you a code you have to PM to our bot.
  3. Find the serverbot (Sapphire-Bot), right click him and select message. Send him the code you got ingame AND NOTHING ELSE. This will link your minecraft account with discord. bot message.jpg
  4. You should now...
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Extra Life unites thousands of players around the world in a 24 hour fundraising & gaming marathon to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.
Since its inception in 2008, Extra life has raised over $30 Million for sick & injured kids.


Our very own G3rM3X is participating in this years stream with his community, TriangleMom. (his college Fraternity)
100% of the donations will be going toward the Local Woman & Children's Hospital in Missouri
There will be 2 streams live, for the full 24 hours where you can see G3, links are below.
Both streams will start about
7pm Central Friday November 3rd, Running until 7pm Central Saturday November 4th....
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Do you like videos?
do you like watching videos?

do you like making videos?
Well i got a contest for you, That's right. Another server wide contest!

I'm looking for all videographers, editors or even someone who just wants to participate in the social media aspect of this server. I am looking to 'hire' someone to create or produce a 90-150 second video trailer that captures and highlights our server, Sapphire Dimensions.

Here is a couple past videos that our own Manic_Miner666 has created for us.
Sapphire Dimensions Minecraft Server