by xLRDx at 3:42 PM
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Hey Everyone. The moment you all have been waiting for. The world download is now been released please see the link below. Please note however that this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

This means that you are free to distribute the world with changes you have made but under the same licensing. You are not however able to gain profit from it.

As for the older maps we will be releasing those two but we have to pull them out of storage per say so it will be a bit.

Link to Download: http://sapphiredimensions.net/SapphireDimensions.zip

by TheDinosaur_xox at 12:24 PM
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If there's anyone still left with us, this thread, and only this thread is where you can post the other Minecraft servers that you've migrated to.
Again we apologize that it has to come to this, but do remember that even tho we are closing our Minecraft Server, it does not mean that Sapphire Dimensions is over.
We've just expanded into other games, streaming and other servers.

Please use this template when posting your servers, as it will make it easier for others to read:

Sapphire Dimensions
Survival Freebuild (Games,creative,plots,towny etc)
We are just a small group of people who used to play on a server that is no longer around. So we decided to keep the spirit of that community going on with a touch of our own flare. We would like to welcome you to Sapphire Dimensions...
by xLRDx at 1:13 AM
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I wonder what that title could mean. Especially coming from someone who is rarely on anymore. So lets go ahead and just get going on with what this topic is even about. Its simple; when we first started this server up it was a place to give the yee old members and new members of UMC a place to go. It was started by some of the oldest players myself including even though i took a bit of a leave. The idea was to give us all a place to still have that amazing community that we all liked. It was made in hopes of growing the community and in some ways we did but we did also lose a lot of long time players weather it be for school, family, or just moving on. That is just the facts of life and communities like this.

So what the hell are you trying to say LRD?!?!?!?!

Simple it is with sad news that we have decided to shut down the Minecraft portion of this community, it may return down the road or it may not. All of of us are getting into streaming so we may use it to host those servers...
by Joibjorn at 3:39 PM
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And in with the new..
Belated happy new year everyone.. I hope everyone has had a good celebration of the holidays and has now started the good 'ol new year, new me.

Once you all fail at that, why don't you hop on the server and check out the fancy new cool looking spawn that we have made for you? New year, new spawn ;)

We have heard your concerns about old spawn being confusing, too big and laggy, so this time we focused on a smaller island, things are more compact and LAG free!!

As per usual we have created a custom biome, with special theme (can you spot the theme?), bank, buildermat, portals & stargates is all up and running, and we even created a portal to the Admin-Super-Market in the old spawn for you all just in case you decide your RAM has had enough lifetime expectancy and want to give it a run for it's money. After all, you are not playing...
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This is a long post, so prepare yourselves!

One day, feeling bored, I decided having Guilds in Sapphire would be fun. So I have created the:

(A.K.A The Master Guild)

This place has need to know info on what Guilds are, how to join or make Guilds, and other USEFUL info.
This should be your first stop.

What is a Guild?